Nail Technology? Here is All You Need to Know About Collegeville’s Program.

You have been here before. You are scrolling through Facebook, or Instagram, checking up on your friends seeing if so-n-so’s hair turned out the way they hoped – and then it happens.

A tutorial.

On nails.

Be it a video or an image you stop in your tracks, mesmerized by the detail on that penguin, of the skill of their swirl.

You watch in awe before running to your cabinet, pulling out nail shades and tools and quickly get to work recreating what you have just seen.

You, my friend, are born to be a nail tech.

There is no denying it. In fact, no matter how hard you to convince yourself that this career path is not for you, it still pulls you. Maybe you are stopped with doubt or paralyzed by a stigma that becoming a nail tech is a “dead-end” career.

That stigma couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you are passionate about art, love to experiment with nail designs, and have maybe even dreamed of owning your own business, it’s time you look into becoming a Nail Technician.

If you have already made your decision, and have high hopes for your future, you are going to want an education that could help you get there.

At The Salon Professional Academy, Collegeville our passion is to build students into strong professionals, ready to take control of their futures.

Collegeville Nail Tech Program

Here’s How our Nail Technology Program Does Just That

    • Low Student to Educator Ratio
      Our program enrollment caps out at six students, giving each and every one of our future technicians an opportunity to receive the education they want. One-on-one training, specialized care, and educators who help students focus on strengths and overcome difficulties gives each of our students a chance to obtain their full potential.
    • An Education in Trend
      With an open environment, educators and students often find themselves learning together, with those same tutorials you love from social media taking center stage. By instituting a cooperative learning environment, we are dedicated to teaching our students skills that future clients will want, keeping them on trend and pushing themselves to new possibilities.
    • Creativity Rules
      Just as we keep our styles in trend, we let our students creative juices flow, giving them free reign to experiment with colors and techniques. By letting those artistic possibilities fly free, each of our students can create their own signature style, branding themselves before they ever leave our school.
    • In-Depth Learning
      As excited as our students are to practice their art, we want them to be set up for success. By waiting a full three weeks before transitioning to our Student Salon Training Area, our nail technology students get extra care in client relations and services, ensuring they are ready for this milestone.
    • A Salon Atmosphere
      Our nail technicians work right alongside our cosmetology and esthetics students in an integrated Student Salon Training Area that helps students prepare for the career possibilities ahead of them.

A Skill Base You Can Be Proud of

Tips. Shaping. Sanitation. Acrylics.

Preparing you for success means making sure the skills you need to step into your new future are not only learned but mastered. Our courses cover everything that will prepare you to sit for the state board, while taking extra care to teach the skills the future employers and clients want.

By spending the extra time to master each skill, and extra time in our Student Salon Training Area, you could leave our program feeling confident and ready for the path ahead.

Collegeville Nail Tech Program

A Education Built For a Successful Future

At TSPA Collegeville we know that the success of a nail technician involves more than just the skills you can deliver. It’s built upon a solid base of communication, marketing, and business management.

Even if you aren’t striving to begin your own successful business, having these skills can help you build your client base, make a name for yourself, and keep people coming through your door.

That’s why we include business training in every program, covering basics in pricing, management, and management they will need to know. More than what is in a text book, we go beyond, with our successful educators imparting the knowledge they have learned, passing on tips and tricks to the next generation of successful professionals.

Ready to begin?

A future as a nail technician is closer than you think. With monthly start dates you could find yourself a graduate of our program in as little as 61/2 weeks, ready to sit for the boards and to embark on a new beautiful journey.

Contact us today to get more information, and find out how to get started.

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