Your Career in Beauty. A Look at the Holidays.

The holiday season can be a stress-filled blunder with family and work and activities pulling you a million directions. In fact, at jobs you may have held previously, you might have had to sacrifice time with your family in favor of a job that saw you working late on Christmas Eve or through your favorite Hanukkah party.

That doesn’t have to be the case.

With a career in beauty the chances are high that you won’t find yourself pulled between responsibilities and holiday merriment. In fact, working through the holidays in a beauty-based career could very well be one of best few months of your working year.

Here are Five Great Reasons The Holidays in The Beauty Industry Are The Best!

  1. Say Hello To New Clients!

    man standing behind chair in salon

    While you are sure to see a lot of your regulars through this busy season, the amount of drop-ins or first-time clients could possibly increase dramatically. With so many family and office parties, everyone wants to look their best and a stop to spa or salon is the best place to do that!

    Plus, with so many fresh new faces in your chair this gives you the opportunity to give them a great service, and turn that one time drop-in into a regular client.

  2. A Relaxing Boost

    man getting hair washed at salon

    Face it, the holidays are stressful. All those family and work events we mentioned above can really take their toll and strip the happy out of holidays.

    Whether your guest be a regular or drop-in, the holidays are a great time to show your concierge skills and give them time for themselves that will not only help soothe the stress away, but leave them looking like a million bucks!

  3. The Busiest Time of Year


    poll on hairbrained According to a recent poll on hairbrained over 70% of salon owners and stylists reported that the winter holidays are easily their busiest time of year.

    While so much work can seem overwhelming to some, the client building opportunities combined with the increase in work and tips make this season one of the most worthwhile.

  4. Don’t Work on The Holiday

    family at Christmas

    The days of dealing with the return counter in retail are gone. While the weeks leading up to the holidays may be some of the busiest of the year, the day of can be a blissfully peaceful experience with your friends and family.

    Take a breath and enjoy the day with a yuletide fire, some wassail and your favorite movie. You deserve the break, and being able to take off many major holidays can be one of the greatest rewards of working in this industry.

  5. The Spirit of Giving

    The holidays are known for the charity and giving back that enraptures so many. In fact, you and your salon could contribute by holding a food drive, or sponsoring a local family in a secret santa program.

    You can also leave each client with a little gift as they leave, brightening their spirit as they do yours.

The Holiday’s are truly a magical time of year, and the career you find yourself in can impact that greatly.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in beauty, discover how the cosmetology and esthetics programs at The Salon Professional Academy, Collegeville can help you reach your dreams and make your future full of beauty and joy.

From everyone here at The Salon Professional Academy, Collegeville we wish you a joyful holiday season, full of magic, family, and relaxation.