6 Movies That Will Inspire You to Become a Cosmetologist

Have you ever been inspired to do something because of a movie? Certain films can be extremely influential, especially when it comes to making choices for your future. We’ve picked six of our favorite movies that could inspire you to choose cosmetology as a career. From dark and quirky to emotional and lighthearted, this list has something for everyone!

1. “Edward Scissorhands”

Tim Burton’s 1993 film about a misunderstood young man with scissors for hands has become a beloved classic. Sure, we all remember Johnny Depp’s leather outfit, Winona Ryder’s giant doe eyes, the bright pastel houses, the scary dark castle, and a cameo by horror legend Vincent Price. But what about those haircuts? In one of the movie’s most famous scenes, Edward wins the heart of the neighborhood when he gives the women (and dogs!) haircuts with his scissorhands. While these wild, ridiculous hairstyles are not something you’d actually want to give clients in a salon, it’s a fun and creative take on haircutting that only someone like Tim Burton could come up with.

2. “Steel Magnolias”

Grab your tissues for this one, because you’re going to laugh and cry. Set in the 1980s in a small Louisiana town, this movie follows the lives of six women who love and support each other through difficult times. It all starts when Shelby Eatenton (Julia Roberts) and her mother M’Lynn (Sally Field) visit Truvy’s (Dolly Parton) hair salon to get ready for Shelby’s wedding. Throughout the film, the hair salon becomes more than a setting, it’s another character. The characters have their most intimate, funny, and heartbreaking conversations within this space. If you want to see some seriously big ‘80s hair and learn how much a trip to the salon can help someone feel better, check this funny tearjerker out.

Dolly Parton and Julia Roberts

3. “Hairspray”

As its name would suggest, hair is a big deal in this upbeat musical movie. In 1960s Baltimore, the dance-obsessed teenager Tracy Turnblad auditions to become a dancer on “The Corny Collins Show”. When she wins, she’s exposed to a whole new world of celebrity, which she finds out has its ugly side. As it’s set in the 1960s, “Hairspray” pays important attention to themes of racial inequality and integration. It also does a great job of depicting how people looked during this era, especially when it comes to the hairstyles. The beehives, bouffants, and flipped bobs in this movie are spot-on, and the makeover scene (featuring John Travolta as a woman) will make you wish you could work in a musical salon!

Cast of Hairspray dancing.

4. “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”

Set in a dark and dreary Victorian London, ex-convict Benjamin Barker (Johnny Depp) returns to his home after being in prison on a false charge for 15 years. When he discovers what happened to his wife and daughter during his absence, he becomes obsessed with getting revenge on the men who destroyed his life. Under the pseudonym, Sweeney Todd, he takes up his old post as a barber, where he gives straight razor shaves that you won’t soon forget. His bloodthirst does well to help out his neighbor, Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter), who owns a pie shop and can’t find good meat to fill the crusts. We won’t spoil any more of this dark and twisted musical thriller, but if you’re interested in learning to cut men’s hair, this is a movie about what NOT to do.

Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd

5. “Beauty Shop”

In this comedy, Gina Norris (played by Queen Latifah) is a gifted stylist who has just relocated to Atlanta so her daughter can attend music school. After being repeatedly beaten down by her boss (Kevin Bacon), Gina decides to open her own salon. She buys a run-down salon, as it’s all she can afford, and works hard to build it from the ground up. Though she constantly runs into roadblocks like disrespectful clients, a jealous former boss, and a ruthless health inspector, Gina fights for her dreams and never quits. This movie is a great representation of how important passion and drive are in the beauty industry!

Queen Latifah in Beauty Shop.

6. “Legally Blonde”

When California sorority girl Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) heads to Harvard to prove that blondes can do more than have fun, she realizes how unfriendly the Ivy League can be. To comfort herself, Elle heads to the salon for a manicure, where she befriends a lonely manicurist named Paulette (Jennifer Coolidge). Paulette empowers Elle to show the Harvard snobs that you can be smart and beautiful, and Elle uses her new legal expertise to help Paulette deal with a deadbeat ex-husband. This movie is a great example of cosmetologists helping clients and making good friends along the way. Did we mention the salon is where the ultra-important “bend and snap” scene happens?

Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods

Follow Your Inspiration and Choose Cosmetology!

If you’re considering a movie marathon now, you should check out our cosmetology program at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Collegeville! Contact us today to learn more or schedule a tour. We’re here to help you follow your inspiration and achieve your dreams!

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Unique Cosmetology Careers

If you’re a creative person seeking an energetic work environment, studying cosmetology at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Collegeville could open up the doors to a bright future. Many people associate cosmetology with being a hairstylist. While this is a career option for cosmetologists, there can be many other options for your future after receiving a cosmetology license.

Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artist

Are you passionate about the arts? Is Halloween your favorite holiday? This could be your chance to create characters every single day. This career option can allow you to take your passion for makeup to the extreme. Sometimes it’s just about enhancing a stage actor’s appearance so an audience can see their expressions. Other times you might be transforming someone into a totally different human character or scary creature. Whether it’s stage makeup for a live performance or detailed character makeup for a film, working as a performance makeup artist is a great opportunity for a creative future.

Woman with scary theatrical makeup.

Fashion and Editorial Stylist

When you work in the fashion industry, you have the chance to work behind the scenes on large-scale, professional photo shoots or runway fashion shows. If you grew up loving fashion magazines and are always up-to-date on trends, this could be the job for you. The hair and makeup looks created for fashion shows and photoshoots are typically what set the trends for the entire year. As the person creating these looks, your work could be on display to millions of people. It’s can be a great place to express creativity and take risks with avant-garde looks.

Makeup artist does a young woman's lipstick.

Cosmetology Educator

This could be a great way to pass along the knowledge you gained in cosmetology school. Working as a cosmetology educator can be an option for those who love working with people, want to help others succeed, and have a passion for learning and education. As a cosmetology educator, you can be employed at schools like TSPA Collegeville. Teaching can be a rewarding career and a great way to spend time with people, especially if you’re teaching a subject you love.

Platform Artist

A platform artist must wear many hats. In this job, you’re an educator, performer, salesperson, and hairstylist. Platform artists perform on stage at beauty shows, demonstrations, industry events, and seminars. As a platform artist, you can use your skills and talents to educate and entertain other cosmetologists, students, industry professionals. For people who are outgoing and creative, this is an excellent chance to engage with an audience, show off your creative talents, and help others learn.

Makeup artist demonstrating makeup on dark haired woman.

Salon or Spa Owner

For those who are entrepreneurial and have always dreamed of owning a business, a cosmetology license can be the first step toward owning your own salon or spa. Salon owners are in control of every aspect of the salon. Making a profit, finding clients, branding, marketing, finding space to rent, hiring staff, and dealing with financial matters are all a part of the responsibilities of a salon owner. It all starts with a cosmetology license, renting space in salons, and working your way up to the top.

Blonde woman at front of spa.

Get Your Cosmetology License!

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