Covid-19 Info

UPDATE: Reopening for Students!

I’m rethinking my previous post… maybe 13 is actually a lucky number and I don’t need to be superstitious at all! Our doors have been shuttered for 13 weeks but we are very excited to report that we will be reopening for students on Monday, June 15th! We still do not know when we will be permitted by the governor to open for guest services but we are thrilled that we will be seeing our students next week. Please see our separate post for our Health and Safety Plan.


I’ve never considered myself a superstitious person but then Friday the 13th happened! On Friday, March 13th, Governor Wolf closed our school because we were in the epicenter of Pennsylvania’s pandemic outbreak… Montgomery County. At the time it was supposed to be a two-week closure. We are now in week 12!

What we have been up to….

  • The physical building has been closed during the stay-at-home-order so we changed the phone message to ask everyone not to leave messages but to contact us through our website or to email
  • The Pennsylvania Board of Cosmetology made an emergency change to their rules to allow us to provide temporary distance learning to our students shortly after we were closed.
  • We began online learning on March 31st. Our educators and students did a remarkable job at adapting! We have even had some new students start during this time and we have had a few graduations!
  • Interested in a tour? We have a virtual tour prepared to show you around our beautiful academy! You do not have to put your dreams on hold during this time! You can tour, enroll and start classes while we wait for the building to reopen! Simply email us at or text us at 610-557-3790 to get started!
  • When we reopen, we will be following recommendations from the CDC, Pennsylvania and our franchise in order to keep students, staff, and guests safe and comfortable. Watch the website for the new guidelines as that time approaches.
  • We are not scheduling appointments now because we still have no idea when we are going to be able to have anyone in the building. We will update the website and social media to let you know when we will be available to start manning the phones and we will do our best to accommodate you as soon as possible!

We miss being with our students in the building and we miss our guests! While we are doing our best, it is not the same and we can’t wait to be together again!

We hope you are safe and healthy! Thank you for the continued support!

Jennifer Killeen

Co-Owner & Director of Operations