What to Expect on a Beauty School Tour

You’ve decided you want to pursue an education in beauty. Congratulations! Now that you know you’re interested, the first step is to schedule a tour with us at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Collegeville. The tour can be a key part of the process, as you get to meet staff at the school, see the campus, watch students at work, and ask any questions you might have.

What Can I Expect on the Tour?

When you first visit us, bring a parent, friend, or another family member with you. This is a big move for your future, and it’s good to have a support system. After arriving, you’ll meet with a staff member who will serve as your tour guide. On the tour, you’ll get to see classrooms, break rooms, manicure/pedicure rooms, and more. You’ll be introduced to more members of school’s staff and also see students in the classroom or working in the student salon training area. Some students might even be working on actual clients.

What Questions Should I Ask?

During the tour, you’re going to receive a lot of information. It’s likely that you’ll have a lot of questions as a result of this. Now is the perfect time to ask all your questions so you can feel clear and confident in your decision to attend our school.

Good questions to ask during your tour are:

  • Is the school accredited?
  • How much does the program cost?
  • Do you offer forms of financial assistance?
  • How long does the program take to complete?
  • What skills and techniques will I learn?
  • What equipment do I need?
  • Who will be teaching me?
  • How is the program structured?
  • Will I be able to practice on models and other students?
  • Can you help me find work after graduation?

Make It an Interview

The tour is a great time for you to learn about us, but it’s also an excellent opportunity for us to learn about you. As you would with any job interview, you should dress to impress, arrive on time, and pay attention throughout the tour. Another tip is to remember to just be yourself. If you’re passionate about a career in cosmetology, esthetics, or nail tech, it will show through during the tour. We want to admit passionate, dedicated students to TSPA Collegeville, so make sure to let your personality shine through!

Schedule Your Tour Now

Ready to get started on the path to becoming a cosmetologist, esthetician, or nail technician? Schedule your tour with TSPA Collegeville today. You can also call us with any other questions before scheduling a tour.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit http://www.tspacollegeville.com/

Images shown are not of TSPA Collegeville. Although environments depicted are similar to those at TSPA Collegeville they are direct representations.